Hot Tub & Spa Wiring Las Vegas

Getting a new hot tub or spa? Our Las Vegas electricians can handle all of the electrical wiring making sure your unit operates smoothly and safely

Our Electricians Can Wire Your New Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub after a long day is relaxing, improves sleep quality, and relieves pain. It is not surprising that more homeowners in the Las Vegas area are choosing to have hot tubs installed to enhance their home life. Ampere Electric is here to help install your new hot tub or spa. 

Our Spa Installation Services

All jacuzzi and spa models require electricity. Whenever you have water and electricity in proximity, safety is critically important. Different models and makes have unique electrical requirements. Some can be plugged directly into outdoor electrical outlets, and others require the installation of specialized wiring.

In either case, it is essential that the job is performed correctly and up to code. For professional jacuzzi and spa installations in Las Vegas, you can trust the pros as Ampere Electric. 

What Are The Electrical Requirements?

  • 110 volts: If you choose a model that requires 110 volts, you may be able to plug the system directly into an outdoor electrical outlet. In this case, no special wiring is needed, but the outlet must be safe around water. GFCI outlets are very sensitive, and if they detect dampness, water, or any electrical fault, they automatically shut off the power. All outdoor outlets must be GFCI outlets, and we will ensure that yours are operational and safe.
  • 220 volts: With a 220-volt hot tub, new wiring is needed. We will safely and correctly add the appropriate wires and circuits that will run from your electric panel to the jacuzzi or spa.




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