EV Charging Installation Las Vegas

Electric Vehicles are here to stay! Let us take care of EV charger installation needs for your home or business.

Home EV Charging Installation

With the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, increasing numbers of homeowners in Las Vegas are having home EV charging stations installed. With a home EV charging station, you are free from the need to line up and wait at a public charging station. You simply plug in your vehicle when you get home and take it to work the next morning. 

What Are The Benefits?

Having your own EV charging station comes with several benefits:

  • Faster. With an effective home EV charging station, your vehicle is charged while you sleep.
  • Convenient. Since your charging station is at home, you never worry about your vehicle losing charge. You simply plug your car into the charger when you get home and go on with your usual day.
  • Increase property value. A home with an EV charging station is a benefit for many home buyers.
  • Safer. Charging your EV at home is safer than plugging in at a public charging station. You will be free from the risks of vandalism, theft, and other issues that could arise.

Ready To Install Your New EV Charger?

New phrase: Installing an EV charging station is a job for a fully licensed and experienced electrician in Las Vegas. Ampere Electric is a third-generation company, and we have a lifetime of experience. We are customer-focused, and our top priority is to keep you safe and happy. Our owner is hands on and will collaborate closely with you to ensure the ideal system is professionally installed on your property.

Call Ampere Electric at (702) 979-1747 for an estimate on installing a home EV charging station.




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